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This page gives an overview of the different breeds of goats present in Suriname.

Also it is highlighted how certain breeds could be introduced or do better.

List of goats

The list of goats commonly present in Suriname and do well is:

  • Anglo Nubian
  • Boergeit goat
  • Saanen goat
  • Toggenburger goat

The list of goats not commonly present in Suriname or not do well is:

  • Alpine Goat
  • Angora goat
  • Cashmere goat
  • Kiko goat
  • La Mancha goat
  • Nigerian Dwarf goat
  • Pygmy goat
  • Spanish goat
  • Tennessee Fainting (Myotonic)

Importing and Exporting Goats

It is very important to always follow the official rules, laws and legislation when importing and exporting goats to and from Suriname.

Contact the vetinairy department of the ministry of Agriculture (LVV) if you have questions on this topics.

This page was updated on 15 june 2021

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