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This tool aims to improve the sustainable goat farming industry in Suriname.

Suriname has many opportunities for goat farmers to startup and run a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

But it requires knowledge, information and expertise to startup and run a goat farm succesfully in Suriname.

Current State of Goat Farming in Suriname

This tool provides insights and overviews for everyone interested in goat farming in Suriname.

The curent state of goat farming in Suriname in june 2021 is the following:

  • About 5000 to 9000 goats are spread over about 3000 hobby farmers
  • There is not yet a professional milkgoat farm in Suriname
  • There is no export of goat meat, milk and dairy products
  • There is some import of goat products
  • There is no basic training or certification for goat farmers
  • There is lack of modern knowledge on goat farming
  • There is not yet a goat breeding station in Suriname
  • There is not yet a disease monitoring framework
  • A lot of import and export information is public but not made easily accessible
  • Many goats in Suriname are sick or ill because of bad housing, food and care

Roadmap for Improvement

This tool provides a roadmap for everyone in Suriname who is interested to start a goat farm.

We encourage you to read all the information on this tool and start creating your goat farm business plan or improvement program.

This page was updated on 15 june 2021

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